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Информация на русском – здесь

A tiny description of me

My name is Ekaterina, nickname Katya Rules. I became a professional blogger and internet-marketer half year ago. It happened unexpectedly and I never thought that I would do something like this in the past..  Now I think that nothing in my life was unnecessary and prepared me for this way of life.. Everything I did..everything I tried..all my possibilities and talents work for me now. I know to write different kind of blogs, I know what content attracts and guide people to act.. I write both for my pleasure and my success and income. Have a few blogs. Some of them are corporate, some are private.  I prefer blogs on WordPress as they have a high page range in the famous search systems. I also know that blogging is an only economic way to boost sales of a business. Blogging is a profession of future and a great,creative profession! I would rename it Information Coordinator

So..Who am I

I’m a Russian girl, was born in 1982 in Moscow. You may say I’m an ordinary girl if you saw me.. Little, slim..baby face..looking like a teen in 30 )).. But I’m a redhead…which is already not ordinary. ) I’m a very creative person..the creative part of my brain is much stronger than logical ).. I love all pretty things and love to create pretty things. I may be inspired by a beautiful landscape, a beautiful person or a beautiful music. Since childhood I always tried to find my time for some kind of development of my creativity

I went to a music school and learned to sing and play the piano, I took dance classes and fine art classes. I did a lot but loved dancing most of all..I attended different castings to musicals and even performed with some bands…until a got a big  injury of knee.. doctors forbid me to dance ….I had to quit it.. my parents insisted on it saying that health is the most important thing..(tell you the secret I still dance..well..not on stage..but I think it’s better to move than seat.. I think many injured sportsmen may agree with me..I have some fitness and latino classes thay keep me in a good shape ;))

I also love to travel..And one of my biggest passion after music and dance is travelling..As I wanted to travel all over the world I started to learn foreing languages in the Moscow Institute of Economics and Linguistics: English and Spanish.. it was good for me ) I was working in car rental agency and business turism after I finished the institute. And always happy to travel somewhere..using my language knowlegde to find places that are not announced in guides. Well..I think trips is a different subject..so I’ll tell about them in different posts.

How did I become a blogger?

Well..I may say that I wrote a lot. I wrote poems, little stories and even songs..but in early years I kept it in secret until I met a very good singer who influenced a lot at me..I don’t want tell you her name but she’s very popular in Russia and even Europe… actually I was a teenager…but from being  just a fan like million other gilrs I transformed into another person..more confident..I learned my possibilities and my value. ..I understood that I managed to do a lot..much more than just being an interpreter or some middle range manager..Most people think that meeting a star is impossible.but I know from my own experience that you not only may meet your favorite star..it rather easy..  but even collaborate with him or her if you have smart brains ).. I started from fan..and was her fan-club member .. then turned into a moderator…then administrator, graphic designer .etc.. I attended different shows with her and met with famous persons and learned how to behave next to them.. I found out that living backstage was not so bright and exciting… lots of hardwork…serious problems…people who demand money…and people who demand you look smiling and perfect… lots of people there are… two-faced… but there are different… probably they are menority in the show-business but they really do exist.  And I happy I met them.. Thanks to them I started to share my lyrics with composers and understood that they shouldn’t remain in a shadow. So, I concentrated at  self-development into someone bigger)) During this period of life I learned to administrate a website, create content, write reviews and other artictles and (now I understand it) used some function of an SMM manager.

After some time I grew up too much to remain just an admin(even though it was fun and I loved meeting with my favorite girl lol..but  and there were no possibility to some higher position. and I felt I didn’t develope)

Last december I added a new CV to a big database of vacancies where I stated I want to work in an event-industry or a start-up project in a start position..want something creative, bright and something more suitable for me..don’t like to seat from 9 am til 6 pm.. needed changes asap and in result guys from a new start-up internet projct called me and invited to an interview..

Thus I’m situated in a cool and crazy team that learned me that it’s possible to live like a celebrity if you’re a blogger.. or information coordinator 

I’ll try to keep you updated as often as possible about my life and my tips of how to make your hobby into a source of income and such a fank business)

I’m making a website now that will include my p






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