Fashion Battle from I.M.G

Hey, guys! Here’s my review about our last event – Fashion battle, July 2014 that took place in Moscow. I’m pretty satisfy with the result. The event turned out to be cool and highly demanded.
We decided to make a competition not among designers but among total fashion looks as from designers so as from stores. 

Out of hundreds of requests from designers and show-rooms we choosed only six ones. Each participant presented 8 looks.  The names are: show-rooms Be Fashion, Garderobnyaya In style and Moscow Fashion Boutiques and designers Elena Brezhneva, Aleksander Tarasov and a famous designer of Zaitsev’s school Zabegina. To make the looks closer to ordinary people we invited not only professional models but also usual girls of S-size who did their job very well. Another cool moment is the 9th look. As you may guess it’s a look of a celebrity who performed a song on stage to support their designer. Singers Rene, Prokhor Shalyapin, Maria Veber, Valeria Lanskaya (famous musical theater artist), Yury Titov and Alyona Visotskaya  made it pretty hard for the judges to name the winner. In the end the main prize went to Elena Brezhneva who presented a collection for men.

The looks
I can’t say which collection I loved more as I personally choosed the participants and proposed which looks were good and not equal to any other. In the end each participant had some look that I would wear with pleasure and looked unique. Well, I wouldn’t wear men’s suit but I admit it’s made perfectly and it made me proud of Elena. I’m sure she and all others participants will have a big future.

Here are my personal favorite looks


By Garderobnyaya In Style


By Zabegina


By Befashion


By Elena Brezhneva


By Aleksander Tarasov


By Moscow Fashion Boutiques

Hope you, guys, liked my post) if you need a contact of any of the participants let me know in the comments
And this is the Cup of our Fashion Battle. Cute, isn’t it?



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