A great fashion show

Hello, everybody! I’d like to give a little review about a great fashion event that I visited on June, 19.

A luxurious show from Dasha Stevar, a young Moscow based designer. The event took place in Soho Rooms , one of the top-level restaurant in Moscow. The show might be called as “starry” as all the models on the podium were famous Russian celebrities, such as singer Loya, actress Anastasia Samburskaya, actress Alyona Chekhova, singer Irina Ortman, singer Anastasia Krainova, actress Victoria Runtsova, actress and model Sveta Teslya,  Russian Next Top Model Maria Minogarova and others.  The designer was inspired by an idea to create a collection of such looks for women that would cause Insomnia to all men who saw them. And she made it!  All presented men were amazed that evening seeing one of the most beautiful girls of Russia, in one place at the same time, showing some beautiful looks.



DSC_8184DSC_8290╨д╨╛╤В╨╛ 20.06.14, 0 18 18 (1)cropDSC_8151

A little bit of prehistory

The fashion collection was called Insomnia and represented all trendy tendencies of Summer 2014.  The designer  Dasha Stevar is a daughter of Anna Stevar, who establish her Fashion House in the 1991. Dasha entered the family business two years ago, and already in the beginning of 2014 she and her mother released their first joint collection. The fashion house is appreciated among clients by its high quality of materials and sewing, comfortable makes and possibility of individual tailoring of any look you like.


Insomnia is a first complete collection by Dasha Stevar. As fashion expert says, the designer used all top fashion tendencies: laces, leather, trendy colours (metallic, marine blue, powder pink, bright blue, yellow, green, olive-green, red, black and white). I’m not an expert but just a simple fashion lover and I want to share with you what impress me most of all: I loved the way how the designer mixing leather with laces. She’s mixing tenderness and boldness and make a unique look that can be used both as on regular days so as on special events like in Soho.  Also a great job was made by stylists and visage masters of 4Faces. (offtopic: The creator of the visage company, Semen Shchyavlev,  is really a talented visagist, one of those who’s worth working in Holliwood venues during filming of Avatar-like movies)   

I’m sure that Dasha Stevar will be a famous designer soon. Hopefully, the brand Fashion House Anna Stevar will be famous worldwide and someday she made it to Paris Fashion Week and other big events.



Cross my fingers.. She already made a lot to make it happen and her debut show was a bomb. Wish her good luck, inspiration and only good people around her.



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