Charity action for children

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Hello everyone! This post is dedicated to some good people and sponsors who didn’t refused to help me inspite of cancelation of the event for whom they were attracted.

Yesterday I had a big day. It should have been even bigger but in the end it was just big.

So, what happened?

We have been preparing a charity event for a child house for the 1st of june, which is known as the International Child’s Defendance day. We found sponsors, celebs who would perform and support us as guests with their children, we invited the press etc. Everything was Ok until something happened between our bosses and the venue. The event was cancelled on friday. And you know.. I was crying.. I knew the children was waiting for the presents and everythin g was cancelled…. How to say this to them… I never been so upset like that day.. because when I learned this I had another confirmation from a sponsor who agreed to send 30 kg of fresh lukum to the children. It’s a rare thing to find such a generosity these days. So want to thank the Eastern Flowers company (based in Moscow) and the owner of it  Bahtiar for such a kindness. I’m sure God saw it and it will be paid back.  I tasted the lukum in the christmas holidays and it was really good, especially with nuts.  If you woukd like the lukum, ask me, ok, cause they don’t have a website yet. You may recieve 5 kg of lukum for just 20$! and for charity actions they deliver a few boxes of it for free.


Teacupcakes cafe, Moscow

Another special thanks to Teacupcakes cafe that’s situated on Novy Arbat, 22 (Moscow). If you ever come to Moscow, I recommend you to visit the cafe. It has the tastiest cupcakes in the world (believe me, I’m actually not a fan of cakes.. but when I tried those little ones, they were so damn good, so that I understood that all that I tried before were some wrong cakes),

Even though the event were cancelled, I decided to bring the presents of sposors to children of the child’s house, but I though many would refuse, as we promised them presswall, PR, reports after the event etc. Some of them really refused. But not the owners of 2 small business companies. the Eastern Flowers and Teacupcakes cafe.

The owners of the little cafe are Maria and Anastasia were so kind and gave 24 cakes to the children.  I think the reason of their success is that the cakes are made with love. The  cakes are big, made of real products without any artificial addons. They gave 2 big and heavy boxes of cakes which I brought to the children. They were happy. And I felt so good after I made this. It was all not for nothing.

My descover yesterday was.. that when you help someone who’s weak and needs your help, this make all the sadness and problems of your life so meaningless. They fade away after I saw the happiness in the children’s eyes when they got the presents.

So please people, make good actions. It will bring you luck and success.




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