A new great single from Music Hayk

The may 2014 has started really good! The weather is fantastic in Moscow and the new release of Music Hayk is out in a right time.

Music Hayk – Tolko s toboi (Only next to you)

The singer is rather new and he’s an artist of a famous Russian music label Blackstar. Actually I think he’s the best one from the label as he has an amazing voice and perfect English.. All potencial to become an international act. T

The single is a tribute to Michael Jackson which is also nice to me. I love MJ..He’s one of my biggest inspirations of all time. The melody and the manner of singing of Music Hayk refering me to the early MJ’s years. His voice suits greatly to the genre. It brings some warmth to our world. Nice job, Hayk. (if you ever read this)

The song is available on Itunes, come and listen to it. If you, guys, like the song the same as me, share the link with your friends and help the good guy to become popular worldwide.

If you would like to listen to more from the singer, just let me know. He has some more good songs.





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