Today’s descovery. Singer Lama

I have a new descovery today. I’m not a fond of Russian music. And almost not watching TV but today I suddenly stopped Russian Music Box channel where I saw an unfamiliar face.  Something catched my eye. I liked the image of the singer.  She looks a bit misterious. The woman reminded me Lady Gaga at first but then I saw the video was shooted long time ago and the singer’s name is Lama. I googled some info about her and was shocked that she’s not a new singer here. It’s not a surprize to me that she’s not common on TV. Such music here is not on demand by the majority of people.

More over she’s known here for over 5 years and she even has “clones” in Ukraine, who stole her image and idea and now she’s fighting againts them in court now. So if you see some band from Ukrain titled as  Lama that’s illegal and fake one.

Here’s the video I saw.  What do you think of it? One more thing I found about her is that she had a tatoo on her forhead. Tatoo made of runes. Cool as I wanted such a tatoo on the back of my neck )


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