The acts of kindness

This post is for those who also think that Kindness and Beauty will save the world.

The first days of work after holidays are always the hardest even if you thought that you were actually missed your colleagues. 

Today is friday and after my working day I suddenly entered into a shop as I heard one of my favorite song ).. I didn’t bought anything but I saw there was a SOS note to help a cute dog to find a new owner, (it’s he, german stephard). His owner has passed away and he’s suffering, almost doesn’t eat anything and the daughter has a serious allergy and can’t keep him with her.  I wanted to help and used my other blog at once (of course after asking permission about it). So good that we have smartphones now). And not long ago (in only 2 hours after I posted the ask for help and repost). I got a reply from one of my followers that she wants to pick the dog! This is the BLOG power!  And I ask everyone who has blog to be more open to other people’s needs and problems. Sometimes you may think it’s only information, but for someone the Information is extremely important. As for the dog. This a good family and I know the woman personally, they lost their previous dog who lived 18 years with them. So, I’m sure the dog will get the love and care he deserves.

But note, information may spread quickly only if you organize and keep  a good connection between you and your readers and followers. Make them interact not only with you but also with other followers.

BTW, the situation help not only the dog, the writer of the note and my follower but also to me, as I found a good partner, who agree to cooperate with me as blogger. 

The story made me curious about the kindest actions that people did recently and I want to share them with you as they’re really touching.

  • The best boss

Michael De Bayer from Texas was an owner of a restaurant where a 17-years-old Brittany worked. The girl learned that she had a cancer. When Michael learned about it he sold the restaurant and payed for a treatment of the girl!






  • Happy teddybear 

This story happened in the UK with help of Twitter. The furry bear got lost in a train and was found by Lauren Bishop on the King Cross Railway Station. She posted a twit that the bear is lost and is missing the family. The message got 6000 retweets, was noted by News agencies and finally reached the father of the owner.

  • little squirrel

Nick Redford has found a squirrel-cub who was freezing and took him home, feed him from a straw and he’s recovered

  • Video of the week

The boy advices to make good actions

I think this is a Good start of the year..  and Good end of the week.


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