Don’t give up. You’ll make it!

Thanks for making me FIGHTER

How strange it is… There more we’re near to our aim, the harder is an atmosphere around us. We feel some kind of discomfort. People around us don’t understand us, they shout, fight for some meaningless things and if at first we could resist it, ignore it, don’t take it close to our heart…later the pressure is rising and rising.. we start to feel stress…we may shout.. we may cry..  it comes the moment when we’re at the crossroad… we may have a heartattack or a breakdown. We may think we do things for nothing… but.. there is one thing that you should know if you’re in such a situation. The closer we are to our aim, the more obstacles, negative moments and difficulties we may have. This is just a law of life. Take a deep breath.. Say a pray. Don’t look in your past. Get what you need! It’s like you’re running for a long time and the finish is near. You may feel like you can’t run anymore..but if you make an effort you’ll have a new forth to reach the finish.

So, guys..if you have a startup team. If you love the idea.. if you believe in yourself and your team.. don’t listen to anyone else and do what you know. how you can…just act! Don’t let negative to stop you from building such a way of life that YOU deserve. and You deserve more than 1000 US dollars. Good luck to you

Don’t give up at the last moment

If you followed me for some times you might read my post about some betrayal…I quit my team because of one person.. you know..I couldn’t find anything better than what I had… The corporate companies might pay me more…much more… but they’re so uninteresting, the teams don’t feel any enthusiasm, any emotions, they don’t feel anything towards the product they need to sell or make popular. They live from payment to payment and don’t want to interact and work together… they don’t have brain-storms and trainings… I missed it so much. I couldn’t work in the old scheme.. I felt that such kind of life may destroy everything I achieved. I understood that something in the business should change… and I realized that I don’t let people to know how they can change and improve it…so I return to the start-up…. I remembered the story of Bill Gates when 95% of team left just a few days before they signed million dollars contract. And after I returned I made my position clear… discussed all that worries me with my team… and in one week the project started to work! It functions..  Finally…It’s amazing feeling to see your “baby” is growing and getting some value.  Today it’s just one week old! The product might be just a website for you… but for me it’s a social net that tend to unite those who produce and those who buys bringing some income to both parties…the internet-product may realize any other product and project. On the second day of the life we started to recieve calls even from Germany! .. And today we made a record…6000 views.. and I’m happy… I’m so happy that I didn’t leave it and making the history.. You can make it too…if you love your product. I feel something big and good is coming! yeah))

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale


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