Approach to your partner

A little bit about business

I think that the most important thing in marketing is an approach to your partner. You will succeed in it if you think of the business of your partner as of your own business. If you work closely with partners and have the best knowledge of their products you may suggest best solutions to them. Old and classic strategies don’t work anymore…especially in the internet sphear.

I’m developing a new project in Russia which tends to unite people of all types making them richer and happier… from housewife to producers, and as  each person can learn to write blogs about the subject they’re interested, the project turned out to be very profitable and perspective just in few days after start.. I’m exited..) I won’t say you any names..just want let everyone know that it’s possible to create an honest business, with great team and partners,  so different to everything we knew about business.. and it’s much easier to fulfill than we all think..

The different approach is in.. making strong connections and friendships with each partner using modern technologies… mutual understanding, interaction, support and loyality, honest business, really good goods that we use ourselfs in our lifes..  All you need is blog..on your personal domain..and some effort and desire to do some business..(not all people may have this wish..if it’s so about you It’s OK) Earlier the word business made me panic..I never thought of starting something as I saw my mother’s failure in business and how my father worked days and nights.. I didn’t want it.. Now I know that It’s not that scary and.. it’s actually not dull like usuall office job…not dull, routine you build it yourself.. together with your team…

in Soho Rooms, Moscow

in Soho Rooms, Moscow


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