Unfamiliar Roads

It turned out that there’s such a holiday as the Day of Unfamiliar roads. This title inspired me to write about my most exiting experience of walking on unfamiliar roads

Getting lost in the mountains

When I was a teenage my friends and I used to travel a lot throughout Russia. We were young and fearless..like most teens.. one day we got lost in the mountains around Tu-apse region (North Caucuses). We lived in Tu-apse city but didn’t like it..it seemed to us dirty and way too hot…so we left to a hike in the mountains as we were told that it’s impossible to get lost. We walked and walked and even though had some map..we yet managed to get lost.. in the end it’s started raining and then thunderstorm.. We understood that we should either stop or find as soon as possible some way out to a nearest village.. the tiny road of the rock became dirty and rather dangerous..even though we had right shoes we were sliding and once I almost fall from it.but my friend had a quick reaction and didn’t let me fall.. Finally we saw cars moving..and went to the wide road.. It was getting dark and in the end of the road we found a house to rent for a day for some tiny amount of money.. In the morning we understoon that we’re situated in a cute village with a little amount of people who know each other and very picturesque views and not far from the sea

Photos of the days (17 years old)

Spanish adventure in Benidorm 

My other experience that I remembering well was ..when I went abroad to vacations alone for the very first time. First time is always rather scary lol….I choosed Spainish Alicante coast as it was in the autumn and I read that the sea temperature was the warmest in the region in that time of year. Also I choosed it as I could speak spanish and in case something happened I would find the way out ))..I was very nervous ..but in the end I found out that everything was much better than when you have guides and special meal timing. Only once I wasn’t happy that I didn’t have someone who could advice me that the place where I was going is closed. I’m talking about Terra Mitica

It’s a very cute thematic park..but it turned out it’s closed on the day…if you go to Benidorm in september-october be advised that it may be closed during working days.. opened only during weekends)..  so..the place were opened only for walking but not riding the attractions .. Well.It took me about 1 hour to walk through it. When I was coming back It turned out that the next bus was scheduled to arrive only by 7 pm..which was 4 or 5 hours later and I didn’t take enough money to go by taxi again..(I thought that I’ll spend the whole day there..in the park lol) decided to walk on pie to my hotel.. The matter is that my hotel was the highest building in Benidorm and it was seen from almost everywhere… almost was right about the situation I situated later.. I walked as the signs showed and finally saw my hotel..yep..but in a few minutes I lost it..and lost myself inside of some little town too.. lol.. and as it was siesta time there were nobody in the streets..after about 30 minutes of roaming I finally saw a man who showed me the right way to Bali lol.. I was happy to get back home )

St. Petersburg (in 2003)

This was the place where I didn’t want to get lost at all..It was wintertime and rather cold and I didn’t have time for it as I had an important event that day.. I came to St.Petersburg specially for this event and even didn’t have time for some cultural sightseeing.  I don’t remember why but I didn’t have my cell-phone those days.. and I got lost..2 times..when went to the venue…and  when came back after the event.. but one the way back I found a place that was one of the first anticafe in Russia. I didn’t know that such cafes exited at the time..and was surprised to drink hot tea with sweets and watching an 1hour concert for only 100 rub (about 2,5 euro). Now I happy to help such type of cafes to attract more clients as they remind some type of home..where people with similar interests can meet and make new friends..and perform..and play different games..and learn foreign languages..and even do some business as they have free wi fi..


But there is no such a place in the world where I got lost that often as..in my native Moscow.. Lol.. it’s too big..so if you’re not a professional guide or a courier you know like..20% of it..so when I appear in unfamiliar neighbour..I usually get lost.. hopefully there are GPS and google maps that save me 😀



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