Why meditation is useful

Today more and more people use different meditation techniques to work on their mental health. I also use some of them and I can say that thanks to this I have a better memory, can concentrate easily on something and relax completely when It’s necessary and I really became more successful and self-confident.

Why it’s useful?

According to many sources meditations helps to develop your concentration, self-control and train your brain. With help of it you may find a way inside of yourself

Today biggest corporations refer to meditations not as to some mediocre esoteric crap but as to some good mind training,a good way to get rich and become happy, Thanks to meditation practices we can develop our mindfulness 

Some companies made it a requirement to use 20 minutes of working time for meditating. And now you may see lots of positions of a meditation coach or a teacher, even in technical industries.

Mediation may help to become better..to live better..

It’s important that you don’t start it because “everybody does it”. it’s not a fashion… it should be a conscious desire to “produce some light” into the world . and of course…you shouldn’t do it alone. I mean, you need a good Teacher that will explain how to do it correctly.

There are a few books that might be interesting for you if you decided to do meditation practice





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