Today is the BlogDay!

Happy OUR day to us! According to the tradition bloggers on this days share links to some interesting blogs, not related to their blog’s theme. Today I want to share with blogs that I read.

My top 5

1. Russian tv-host Tina Kandelaki

Sorry it’s in Russian, but she’s really one of the best our bloggers. She really posts only good stuff and posts that are not empty. She loves her main job and knows what she does. What’s interesting is that she’s posting in different social nets, including facebook and twitter and  has a different content on each of them!

2. An interesting blog with most recent releases and reviews of them (also in russian)

3. Blog about travelling 

4. Matt Cutts’s blog on google+ – one of the most popular bloggers worldwide. The Google and tech guru. Important tips and info.

5. Perezhilton – you may hate him or love him but he loves what he does…and he does it right.. he really do blogs! best blog in the category of showbusiness

P.S. favorite instagram blog gilmargomes 

P.S 2 Favorite Twitter account @enrique305  Glad that he’s started microblogging )


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