Laws of Randy Gage

Randy Gage is a speaker on tv, author of many books about prosperity and success. Actually I learned about him not long ago and found his works rather interesting, reasonable and simple to understand.

If you want to become succesfull pay attention to the following laws. I agree to all of them! As soon as you start follow at least one of them you at once recieve a good feedback! If you follow all of them, you’ll do it quickly.

1. Law of emptyness 
If you need new shoes – get rid of the old ones. Want a new cloths, clean your clothet.  Live your stereotypes behind.

2. Law of circulation
Be ready to say goodbye to some thing you have in order to get something you desire

3. Law of imagination

At first see your success in your imagination. Describe your how you see your ideal day and don’t show it to anyone unless you trust him 100%, Save the description somewhere by your hand and when you have a free time – reread it.
4.  Law of creativity

A person can become prosperous thanks to the energy of his mental activity, his intuition and imagination.

5.  Law of obtainance
If you give something away, you will receive it back in 10 times larger amount. IF you recieve something good share it with someone. If you have a gift of god and don’t share it, you might loose it because when you don’t  use it, you spoil your aura. Respect your possibilities. Be thankful for something you get and share the goods with others. By doing it you attract much more goods in your life.

6. Law of 10%

The universe always take the 10% from you. It’s like a law of appreciation and support – give 10% from what you have. You will recieve the 10% back some days later. Not always it will back in a form of money. Sometimes it can be a meeting with a good new person who will give you much more. Othertime in a form of making peace or new relationships form etc. I know about this so when I have some bad times I can give the 10% in a form of a cloths or food for someone who needs it, When things are good, I deal with some charity organization. and give my 10% to someone who need money asap.

7. Law of forgiveness

Forgive people who hurt you. If there is some hateness inside of you, if you can’t forgive someone, you can’t accept wealthiness!. If your soul has a lot of negative emotions love can’t find it’s place there. Replace your negative feelings. Past is past. Want to write here words from a song as I survived this problem. Shout as nobody hears you, dance as nobody sees you, breathe as you never gonna stop it, love as you nobody ever hurts you

I would add a few more … Law of action. If you just seat and imagine..imagine..dreaming…nothing will happen. Each day you should act. Make a plan or instructions that you will follow each day. May patience grow up inside of you as these actions should repeat each day.
e.g. each day write at least one post in your blog. Each day have at least 3 important meetings, each day set a task for you in the morning and..write a report in the evening ..just for you.. it really helps to keep going the right way. When you act, the world also replies nice to you..sending some good gifts, suggestions, new deals, sudden calls that solve some problem etc.

And also a law of Plenitude. Try to notice it..and then to make it in something you do.. e.g… if you start blogging..write plenty of posts.. (set a record), if take photos, take 1000s of them,  you’re a designer do as much artworks as you can to make your 500 gb hard disc’s memory full, if you buy domains but not one but 100! why.. ask yourself what will bring more cafe..or 100 cafes..Of course, 100. Thats why networks are so popular nowadays, if one person uses a one website it will take him a lot of time to make it popular and moneymaking, if there are millions users who uses a website..the owner of it naturally is getting millionair. Each click, like, message sending make them richer and richer )
When you have’s much easier to follow all those listed laws.

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