Russian Cinematography. Best of 21 century

After the big post about history of Russian cinema, I’d like to mention movies of New Russia (95-2013) that are worth seeing and..rewatching

My top 101. Great films of Alexandr Sokurov: The Russian Ark, Father and Son, Alexandra and The Sun

2. Valery Todorovsky Strana Glukhikh

3. Old Man and the sea by Aleksandr Petrov (an amazing animation)

4. Legend #17 (a best movie of 2013) by Nikolai Lebedev

5. Americanskaya Doch by Karen Shakhnazarov (1995)

6. Bear’s kiss by Sergey Bodrov Jr.

7 Ocean by Mikhail Kosirev Nesterov (a new russian director filmed the movie in Cuba with cuban actors with such a latin style).

8. Peg-top by Vasily Sigarev

9. Poor Sasha – Tigran Keosayan

10 Happy people: A year in the Taiga by Dmitry Vasyukov. Movie for those who need to find their reason for living


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