I wish I knew it when I was 20

I thought of the things that I would like to know in the past..in order to become successful much easier and quicker.

  • the political world wants the majority of people to remain stupid. the more we are stupid, the simpler they sell us different products and services, the simpler it is to influence us, our mood and even thoughts. Don’t watch the TV…unless  you want to know how NOT to do
  • Don’y trust blindly in the educational system (exceptions can be in exact sciences).
  • Read constantly. The more you read the better..You never know when your new knowledge and tips could be used in your life but you will be better prepared  to any sudden changes.
  • Learn to communicate with more people. The more people you keep in touch with there more chances for you to live better life than those who have little amount of friends. All dollar millionaires have a big circle of contacts. If you have little amount of friends – the more difficult for you it will be in future to find a new job or new clients
  • To be afraid to do something or to be shy.. My worst enemy for me was my shyness. Still make myself to fight with it
  • If there’s something you don’t like in your relationship with your partner..that something is to become a reason of your breaking
  • communicate with successful  and positive people. Avoid negative and passive ones.
  • Find someone you can be admired of and try to be the same good or BETTER than him/her
  • Don’t be afraid to risk. the  older we get than it’s more difficult for us to make risks. But age is nothing..don’t you agree. We become OLD when our thoughts become OLD)
  • Don’t waste money for some stupid things. If you have choice what to buy, prefer to buy good emotions because emotions will always remain in your memory and some material thing are not endless
  • If you learned to economize, learn to earn money then
  • learn to direct your life and future. God is can be a director but you’re the script-writer and actor.
  • keep yourself in a good shape. If you’re fit..you have enough energy to finish any job in time
  • don’t try to change someone. it’s impossible until they themselves want it
  • always invest in your own development. The 3 % of people who invest 10% from the income into self-development in result become rich businessmen: learn foreign languages, learn how to speak right, learn different tips and knowledge

But anyway..It’s good that I know it now..when I’m in my thirties. That made me stronger, smarter and better.



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