How to develop your strong will

7 tips to do it
№1. You should understand well that there is a temptation for you.  (Temptation is a keyword). It’s like a piece of cheese in a trap, when you understand that you don’t see the trap but only temptation it will be easier for you to resist it.
№2. Look at the results that you already have. Do you really want to ruin it all? Set a goal or some undesire to destroy your results
№3. You should believe sincerely in what you’re doing. I think this is one of the strongest tips. If you for example want to loose weight find some purpose why do you need it  try to find inside of you some positive thinking ..that new look will add some believe in you, you’ll make it
№4. Imagine the final result.each time you feel some laziness that interrupts you from doing something, pinch yourself and imagine your work as perfectly done. It helps a lot to concentrate.
№5. Tell a few people whom you respect about your goal. Such people whom you can’t say about failure or quitting..
№6. To get angry for your own weakness! Ask yourself – what is stronger: your weakness or the temptation?
№7. Strong will has its enemies that may turn it off – alcohol and other addictive things
I wrote the post as I want to get slimmer ) fitness + less bad food )



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