Coolest birthday weekend

Hey, everyone! I’m celebrating my birthday since Friday and this year it’s a bit different, usually I just went somewhere with my friends..and this time..I had created a spontanius plan for the weekend. The idea was… to try all services that you can get for free on your birthday. It turned out I can “Please myself” as if I am a celebrity just because It’s my birthday ) funny that most of the places don’t mention on thief websites )) it
The friday’s night was a free Apple pie in a cafe ))) then free cinema and free drinks in it!. on Saturday I had a beauty day ) started from free procedures for my skin, then a free massage, then free make-up  and hair styling (all in different places) all these things were needed as I had a cool photoshot from a professional photographer in the end .. and today I met with my friends and we got free drinks and dessert and 40% discount for all menu… all this things inspired me for some new project… what if I created a website that will advice those who had birthdays what they can get for free or with a great discount on their birthday… it may be a good promo )) with this idea I’m eating my free hand-made sweets.. love it



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