Flashes of intuition

What is intuition

Have you ever been thinking of a person and the person calls you? Have you ever been feeling some sudden worry and it turned out something bad had happened? Have you ever been thinking about someone and suddenly they call you? To me, these are forms of intuition (to others they are mere coincidences). Some of these flashes of intuition are trivial and some are very significant.  Those who feel it and follow it know that It is like an inner force that can be extremely strong. L But what is it and from where?

Here are some definitions

– Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason.

– the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

– pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge

Why some people has it and others are not?

I believe that we all have it. but there are people who don’t listen or don’t hear or..don’t trust.. or just prefers to analyze everything and don’t take all subject about intuition seriously.

Today I was asked Is it possible to develop your intuition?

I think yes.. and this are some steps that I try myself.. and I really made it a bit stronger than before.. There are simple tips. You may work with all of them..and if you start do it constantly, your intuition will improved (make little breaks between the exercises and start from simple methods..then make it more difficult..just like in a fitness-club..where we start from basic steps or light weight or most easier program and then the trainer makes it more and more difficult each new class ) Some of the exercises will require a volunteer to help you ).

– try to guess what playing card is on the table (or your friends hands). Make 10 attempts and have some rest by reading something. Start from guessing the color of it..then the type of it..and then the type and number.. at first take some little amount of cards (4 same numbers but different tyoes)..than add more.. (don’t try all of this the same day.) etc..the cards are not that simples as it seems..

– put on some dark tissue on your eyes and try to determine colors of objects (you may take different square office papers (green, blue, pink, yellow, purple,  white)

– also with eyes closed (tied) try to wake up your  verbal senses..such as smell, touch, taste.

– try to guess what next song is going to be played on the radio

– Play the game of guessing what your friend is thinking.. At first make it simple by detecting a specific direction..e.g. food or goods for home.. your friend should think of some subject and you – to guess what is it.. The funny think is less you think..the more chances you’ll answer correctly!

This is a more difficult game..advanced level ).. the game of answering unspoken questions. Also played by couple. One of you should ask a questions (without saying it) (it should be a promt, clear question, without some alternative). Your friend should reply what words came into his mind. It’s an amazing feeling when you receive a really smart answer.

– a very good tip is for waking up your other senses, that probably helps intuition work well. With eyes closed try to guess what food your are eating (it’s natural that you need someone who will feed you :))). Than try to remember those products smell that your friend tells you: coffee, tobasco souse, apple, grapefruit, boiled egg and so on. tell you friend be creative ). Then the most interesting exercise for waking you sensibility. Imagining that you touch some passengers or colleague.. touch his or her cloths by your imaginary long hand… Do you feel what tissue is it? touch different parts of body, cloths, silk, jeens,  You’ll understand soon that you brain or fingertips (don’t know what is stronger) remember everything quite well.. “touch” different objects, tissues, tables, statuettes, paper, walls, pictures on them..you may even feel the difference of temperatures. This cool exercise also helps you to check if the person whom you touch has a strong intuition or not. (btw it doesn’t necessary even watch directly into the face..eyes..  don’t attract attention =).. it’s funny to see how some people strt to touch their noses after you touch them..

These are my tips that I try to  improve my intuition.. BTW it’s a great way to relax after a hard-working day ..and a great thing to develop a good mutual-understanding with your friend/partner.

Hope you like them and ..don’t call for a doctor to cure me ..haha it’s too late anyway ;D



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