World video premier – Enrique Iglesias

On Monday Enrique Iglesias released his new video Turn the night up.

Watch it here

I don’t know if it’s possible not to love this man… ) each time I watch his videos and listen to his voice I start feeling better.. I forget all that upset me and I want to join him in his videos… They look natural…or maybe he looks natural that is good.. and the same time surreal.. but as we know if we may imagine something this is possible to release in the life! and I can imagine he drops me into the pool 🙂

I read some fans were dissapointed with the song and I think the song is Ok..maybe not his best one..he can do much better songs’s good for clubbing and for the summer season.. Especially in Ibiza, Saint-Tropez and other places where people love to party ). I believe he knows what he does. With the video the tune and the picture are combined very well and the song has it’s good story. Nice job, Enrique!


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