Fighting with negative thoughts


Today I had a terrible desire to delete all my posts about the marketing, blogging and my previous life with the project I decided to quit after being punked…I thought about it that it’s my past I don’t want to think of.. but I stopped myself because.. the marketing was good.. and the blogging was good.. the partners were really good..the bad thing was in creators of the project… and I don’t think the project will be that successful as they want…scary to think of what will happen with the people when they start to earn millions if they behave like rats when they just started to earn something to compensate previous investments.. well.. I forgive them..It’s my’s my experience..and I learned a lot of new and useful things..and I will survive it.. I’m of a few event-marketers in Russia and will find those who will appreciate me. I changed my mind about deleting the posts after reading a nice article about fighting with negative.

How to fight the negative

I wanted to share some tips about how to fight with negative thoughts.

Actually being negative is not natural for me..everyone know me as the most positive..even call me sometimes Miss Positive ). and I feel not very well being like a hedgehog inside. I did some research and found that there are 6 steps that can help you in fighting with a negative thinking. While I was reading them..I started to do like they write and it really works..Some of the tips are known..others are known too but we don’t do it )

1. Make the decision that you are going to be the one to decide what your thoughts are and will be. That mean that you should make an afford daily to program yourself to a positive way of thinking. Each human can control what he think about. I will say daily that I’ m the best, I’m wonderful and the most adorable )

2. Surround yourself with positive people. If you have friends who complain about everything all the time and feeling unsatisfied and troubled, they won’t make you feel better. Otherwise,they may turn you into even biggest depression. Talk with positive people. Make new friends. e.g. go to a festival or a week-end walking trip. To make it real with me I’ll celebrate my birthday with new friends that I found on latest events.

3. Refuse to accept negative comments when you know they’re undeserved For example, if you’re making progress on a project and you hear someone commenting about how you’ve just been wasting your time, simply tell yourself that it’s not what I think, it’s not what I believe

4. Change your language Try to replace modal verbs should, must, have to etc into I will. That way you making a promise to yourself that the action will be performed. e.g I might go to Miami change to I will go to Miami

5. Think for yourself. It’s a very bad habbit to think for many people and talk from the majority.

6. Instead of waiting for people, use your initiativeness

Don’t be passive. Sitting with hands down won’t change anything. Set new goals, find a new job or learn something new about yourself. New hobby can be also a good start of being positive. e.g. learn to create scrapbooks or a new language that you really like. 

Аnother one tip from to wake up your endorphins! As you may know endorphins start to work when you do phisical actions. So the best way is to DANCE or making some FITNESS.. while you’re dancing or working out you’re waking up your endorphins that will bring you up. Endorphins also work when you applause. So applause each time you hear some good joke, good thought or discover, applause to yourself

P.S if nothing from above worked for you.. than you’re in big trouble and need professional help to fight not with negative, but with depression.  One of the good way is to fall in love  love is our biggest endorphin’s source)


4 thoughts on “Fighting with negative thoughts

  1. I love the article. Thank you for sharing these excellent tips. I have one suggestion that can make things very easy…don’t FIGHT the negative thoughts. That creates resistence and more negative. Instead, displace them with positive ones. Just like a muddy glass of water is eventually cleaned out by clear water, your negative mind will eventually be “cleaned out” with positive thoughts : )

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