I discovered the formula!!!!!

Hello, everyone! I had an extremely difficult week..I opened that my colleague’s real nature was totally different and I’m thinking of quitting my job..  I was kinda betrayed… feeling such an emptyness that I waste half of year to them developing the start-up project….and in the end of it I lost my aunt.. so heartbreaking..
I felt so tired this morning and was frustrated and prayed to God asking him to send me some discovering that would change my mood and set a new goal in my life. And I got it..
I wouldn’t say it’s totally unexpected..or difficult… or impossible to do.. You won’t say i either when read it..I discovered a formula of making money on blogging (only..without even sending links and emails).

You should just… update you blog 40 times DAYLY! But it’s better to do it on your personal domain..because if you doing it on some social net or if you have a page on blogplatform, you won’t make it so big.. only advertising can make you rich then. Do you want to know the name of blogger who’s story I read and was like OMG.. From the comments I saw that nobody noticed the line about updating blog 40 times per day..but I did.. The blogger is…Perezhilton ) if you ever read this..muchas gracias )

I’m making my own website on personal domain with blogs in different languages and.. try to do it asap…I’m sure I’ll go much farther than people who start their business with lie.. Wish me good luck!
Have a great day!





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