About my hobby

When someone asks me about hobby I usually have a lot to say.. as I really loveand can do a lot of different things but today I have composed some kind of a slogan that describe all my interests and hobbies in one – My hobby is – to Live. Who is with me? )) Living is wonderful! especially when you’re really LIVING not surviving. I wish more people tend to LIVE not survive. I want to see happy faces, shining eyes and meet warm people. Maybe most of modern people say it’s impossible.. but I don’t believe in it. I believe in what I see.. When I started to LIVE, I started to meet more understanding, nice and warm people, active and smart people than when I followed the life’s river.. school.. univerity, paid job with tiny salaries.. Many people “live” like that until they face with something bigger than this slavory existance…  That SOMETHING BIGGER may kick our bu1tt but the truth is that after the “kick” we wake up to live another way of life. And it’s not like you changed at once after something BIG happened with you….you’re tranforming. You’re growing..you may feel some discomfort at the beginning but when you overcome it you’ll feel amazing and all your dreams may turn in reality.

I feel that my aura started to shine as bright as the colours of the bird ) Thanks to God for giving me the chance to see that my previous way of life was pale and passive.. and it will end in nowhere..so that I couldn’t be proud of anything and anyone.





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