Amazing author

Hello! Today we’re having an event in a park that’s called Save the book…  The aim of it was to attract some attention to the problem that modern people almost don’t read. Every person may bring a book to an open-air library to share it with other people.  BTW, I was glad that so many people came and brought something. It was a nice idea!

I love to read books and today I discovered a new author for myself. I saw this picture (see below)

But there was not only the picture that attracted me.. also a quote that was written on it.  a quote of Charles de Lint

“The thing to remember when you’re writing is, it’s not whether or not what you put on paper is true. It’s whether it wakes a truth in your reader.”

I never heard of the author before and got interested and started to read his Blue Girl .and I loved what I discovered.. He’s writing style is very appealing! The story is more than a fantasy.. it has much more sense than most of modern novels. )





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