Thought of the day

To be or not to be… rich. We choose this ourselfs without realising it.

Only you put limits and obstacles. Only you get used to live poor. Only you used to think poor either.. Any person has a choice: to live poor or in a luxury. If you need changes ..begin to work with your head.

What do I mean?

Here are some secrets that I learned not long ago and trying to living..not surviving.

1. You should really want to start living another way

2. Believe in yourself and you halfway there. This was quoted everywhere..and this is true!

3. You need  to improve your self-confidence and communicativity. It means that you should have not 5-10 people whom you know. You should know over 1000 people and not stop on this.  The more people you know..the more rich you become

4. Find the main goal of your life.. This is how you can do it if you still don’t know what is the Main..what will pass by. Take 3 pages. On the first one write down everything that you want to achive or have within one year. Don’t start doing the second thing until you finish the previous. When you put everything you want on the first page.. take the 2nd one and do the same thing but with a condition that..if you know that this is the last year of your life. On the 3rd page you should write the things you would say with proud and pleasure in the end of your life, saying that the living was worth it.. what you put on the last page are the things you should take as priorities of your new life.

5. Act. Only action will make everything real.. Act each day. as often as you can. Work as hard as you can and you will certainly have a feedback from life in such a form that will be fine for you and solve all your problems to make you happy. This is a good advice to love your job. 

These points are important..but the most important is..Being positive. Fight with your negative when it appears. Negative thoughts comes from poverty. Work on you mind and creativity, way of thinking, goals and planning. Fight with you fears, uncertainty, etc. You should become a professional and only time and everyday job will make it real for you.

The last thing that I want to say is..if you think that working at some good place for monthly payment will make you rich..this is a big mistake. Only working for yourself can bring you REAL money. If you tried many times and something didn’t work out the problem is not in the system, politics, your country, your family problem etc. The problem is in you.. If you want money..accept that you should work for yourself…developing your own business. I started it and don’t regret as I recieve much more opportunities that when I worked in a corporate company…

What do I do each day to achieve my goals? I started from fighting with fears..each day I go to a high building to take photos (coming soon), fight with my fears to perform before public..etc. You would never understand what you may achieve until you nock down some of your main fear.. You really understand that Nothing is impossible for you!

Good luck to all of us who step this way…


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