New life has begun! I was reborned this tuesday!

Hello, dear readers!!!! I’m back from my vacations and ready to go on blogging. You might say why not to do it during vacations..but I was so tired of computers and all the stuff that needed to have rest..especially my eyes needed that..

So the first thing that happened with me was an amazing training.. The training is called Director of success and some people call it Director of your own life. I would call the training – the major training of my life! I’ve got wonderful results and I started to think wider, watch deeper and it helps to rich those things that I dream about.. I would also call it training “Find Your Plenitud”

I love to share some main points of the training, so that you could make it with your team..The best result that we that our team of colleages became into a team of close a new family,.. so it’s a greatest teambuilding training, as it discovers each person from another side, and discovers your real beauty and possibilities that you might not seen before.

So.. The training consisted of 2 parts. Two be more exactly as it included some preparation. The trainer asked the participants to bring so much magazines as possible. So I took my biggest bag and put in it all magazines that I found in my home..

All of us brought some amount of magazines that could bear in hands.. In result it turned out that we didn’t cope with the task.. We didn’t take it so serious..and it should be considered as a serious training that will change your life..

If you took it serious would have found much more.. If I said that it’s a matter of life that you brought as much as would find a way to make a plenitude..and we saw some limited amount of magazines..  Which meant we’re all though in a llimited way.. we put obstacles ourself and plenitude was never hidden…it’s everywhere and you could take a part of each each day..even hour if you Want..

..So.. as we all failed the preparation (some people took only a couple of magazines as there were no more in the house ))) the trainer asked us to increase the amount that we brought in 2-3 times.. and to do it we should go to the streets and enter each door to take some printed materials. )) Guys..It was fun..Some people got afraid..and even denied to give catalogues as if I were a robber…and asked for something illegal. lol.. but most of them was nice to me when I told them that I’m participating in a training of Billionairs )  I was really lucky to find a tourist agency…oh yeah! As I worked in tourism for many years I quicked found what to say so that they would  give me a great amount of catalogues ) When I was coming back to the office I notice my colleague who went in the opposite way with shining eyes..I didn’t want to interrupt in his process’s a pleasure to see a person whos eyes are shining!!!! And We were all shining this day.. So we made it in time..In one hour we got back with much bigger amount of magazines..

The trainer said.. It only took you 1 hour to bring twice more magazines than you had. Did you pay for them? Did you noticed plenitude.. some people said yes..others no..   So..he asked to come back next day in 8

The next day some people were late..I was among those who came in time and we were said.. Those who are late still don’t take it serious…and don’t take their life serious.. If they had been said that because of coming late they would have lost 2000$ they would managed to come half hour before.

What next… The trainer didn’t wait till all people come and asked us to throw all our magazines in the centre of the room! In resulf we got a big mountain of magazines… “Do you see the Plenitud now”. We said yes.. then take the plenitude and show it on your collages.. How..

* within the next hour we should pick pictures from magazines without any thinking.. If you like a page..tear it at once!  We did it..I tried to take some magazines from the bottom and inner layers…

* Next hour we find a place to work on and cut the contours of the pictures that we liked.. Those who came late missed the main method: to cut it so that each picture were rounded. not squared

So we cut them

Then during 3 hours we should finish to make our collages.

The process was really creative.. so we didn’t notice anything

In result I made this beauty..) Each collage is a reflection of our souls, our possibilities, our chatacters and wishes..  I think I’ll put some more pictures when find something really important )

I used to make collages before but they had different meaning and you could only use pictures without faces..they were like your wishes should look.. but here.. each face is you.. either how you feel..or how you want to feel.. or what you want.. it’s very interesting to watch it and find some feedback..Watching Monica Belucci and find..that yes…It’s me now ..I had some dark period and had some mistique..  and the my sense of humor :D.. the food…well..I’m sweet and I know it 😀

But to make a collage is not the end.. You should work on it.. Work on improving your qualities that you see here.. work on the dreams…

You may also take  3 pages and write down on the first one What you want (to achive or to have within a year)..2nd page…the same but with condition that it’s the last year of your life.. and the 3rd page – what do you wanted to achieve or to do os that in the end of your life you may be proud of. You may notice that the first page will have a lot of points, second fewer..and the last one quite a few things.. do you see the wishes on the collages… if no..  think well about your life..what you’re doing.. weither you think for yourself..or your thoughts are impossed.. weither your wishes are really important etc.. you may find out lot of interesting..and each day I see that I should open my inner beauty that I see to the people..

Good luck everyone..

See you soon


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