Openning of blogger’s cafe

Return to the past for one month

Today I want to tell you about the opening of our blogger’s point in an amazing place Moscow Youth Palace.

It was on june 24. Just one month back.

We prepare for it for a long time. Our team, involved with event-marketing, invited and agreed with lots of businesmen who sell something good and need to promote  it without paying for rent.  We had an agreement with the venue that our activity will make them a good promo as well.. decided to make it as natural as possible. Such a place where each product can be tried, observed and showed, where each musician, singer or another creative person may present himself or his art to our bloggers, who are the main people there )). Bloggers took hundreds of videos and thousands of photos of the presentators and their products and posted them in the blogs. Thus in one day, we had degustation of food, health coctails, seated in a chair-trainer, found out new marketing tips, tried new gadgets, that no-one else seen before and many other thing.

The most interesting product in my opinion was Russian coctails made of sublime products. They are so tasty and very useful.

I also liked a cool shower.. The shower can be compared with a tropical rain. It makes the water smell good, ioniezed and relaxing. It reduced headaches, washes away all the stress after work..and if to use it in the morning changing warm and cold water it will wake you up. Until I tried it myself this day I was rather sceptic about it.

I even found out that I can become anyone and can do anything. During only the first day I learned some dj tips..that made me so proud…


Our team prepared for the opening





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