I’m back…with much more power than before

Dear readers, sorry for not writing for such a long period. I just had an extremely tough month during which we made one of the most powerful start-up.. Those people who heard our story didn’t believe in it.. but it’s happening…each day we make events in the one of the most beautiful theatrical venues of Moscow  without paying for the rent (that’s cost $$$$$ money) of it just because we may offer them really effective instruments of marketing: smm together with event-marketing . Using our marketing tools we’re  deleting the brigde between businessmen and costumers. We made a new social net of mostly businessmen who are also costumers..all of us buy something each day..so the word BUSINESS can have quite different meaning soon. Our social net has started to grow so quickly (2000 people joined us for less than 3 weeks, each of them decided to make a successful business in the internet, bought domains and now learning secrets of SMM to make money on their sites) that even Americans gurus was amazed. The project is called Pigramo.

So..each day we have an event here..and I coordinate that everything is all right in the venue. I thought that I could blog dayly from the place, but it turned out that it took me much more time then I expected to prepare each event..

But now I have found some assistants that made me more free .. so I try to keep in touch with my blog, sharing with you not only texts and photos but also videos of my interesting life





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