The blogger’s festival is open

Yeaaaah! We did it! Yesterday we had our crazy idea of uniting bloggers and businessmen under the same sky was released! The event showed that most business had problems with sales, big costs for commercial, distribution and lots of competitors. It also showed that fairs shouldn’t be dull.. and we go in the right way doing it BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING AND UNUSUAL! if you were invited to come to festival of chocolate or a presentation, where would you prefer to go? right, the chocolate! Why not uniting some good event and business, joy and possibility to know new products and services, to meet with new great people.  That was our main task and we did it yesterday and it’s only the beginning! The venue stuff saw all the people and understood the idea (loved the idea) and we have it till october! free!!!!!Do you understand what a chance it is for small business to show off ? it’s like  a big theatre and it’s ours!!!! little part of it..but I’m sure the cute little hall with stage and moon in the ceiling will be ours too ;D.. We will have unique fairs, business games, performances of singers and musicians, dancers, interesting presentations, degustations etcs ..and for us it’s free! for our partners it’s free either (for now, and yet, when it will cost 15$ it’s not a big sum for business, right?)..those who refused and didn’t believe  will bite their elbows soon because we’re providing now the best marketing possible!)))) can you believe that there are such idiots who refused to show themselves!’s their choice! I feel so enthusiastic and inspired!!!!! Bloggers rule!!!! P.S. rehearsing my performance for today…nervous.. Live is wonderful and beautiful :D. Love you, people! )))

Those who came are situated in the right place and time!!!! It’s the best start-up I ever saw in my life! )))

MDM-project, MDM palace, МДМ


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