Blogging time

Hey, guys! Today I want to share with you some tips for successful blogging…The post is like answer to some often questions I recieve.

How much time should you spent on blogging in order to succeed

After some time, researches and experiences, I descover the secret. You should spent 44 minutes for blogging DAILY… Daily is the WORD that shouldn’t be ignored... If I not do it daily..I have some silence which result in descrese of interest and if you tend to sell something through your blog, it mean less possibilities that someone buys something these days. But I kinda solved the problem as I have a few blogs and post in all of them, trying it daily..and you know..even if you have 10 blogs..44 minutes is enough (in total) to keep them updated! )

How to make blog attractive?

But you should decorate blogs correctly: mark key words, write tags, post pictures or video daily.. you’ll have like 30 posts per month which is good for your page (or even more, if you have a lot of videos or may post 2-3 photos in separate posts)…. Remember that each like a little page of internet.. it has a unique URL and remains in the web for ages.. the search machine is just a robot that reads… when you search for something you use some key words, right. And we usually  try to narrow the search and use words that are needed in our case.. What do I mean.. If we search for a hotel, we don’t type “hotel” (which is wide range of search).  We type at least a place. Hotel in Venice (it’s middle range of search) In a narrow search. Chip hotel in Venice or Best hotel in Venice. Some people will type Hotels in Venice near the Piazzale Roma .. The last one will have the most preferable results of search. So make the title of post as short as possible not larger than 4 words.. and  think as if you’re the potential searcher that opens google to find something. If it’s big – devide it. Or use  Heading in the text fields as the heading are also read by search robots

When you post

blogging tips, blogger, the right time

Time for blogging

pictures, also don’t forget to use 2-3 tags and some title or text.

Video… The search machine’s robot doesn’t read video.. it reads text! so if you post nothing but’s didn’t post anything.. So if you’re a videoblogger ALWAYS put some text in your post + video. Post it in your blogs..not only youtube. Videomarketing is a very powerful intrument for improving sales, but you should do it right )

And finally

remember that posts should have some attraction..Imagine that you’re not the author… Would you like what you see, read if you suddenly find the post. If your write a lot it’s p

referable that the beginning of your post has some mistique, something that may born an interest in a reader to read it till the end.

You may also do pingback..That mean paste URL link to some of your previous post that is somehow related to the present one. And in the previous post paste the link to the new one.. You’ll recieve a comment approval if you’re a wordpress blogger with a comment like link.. There should be 2 of them. Approve them

After your post is done, don’t leave it at once ) ..Copy the url of it and share it in the social nets where you’re registered and ask your friends to comment it. The more comments you have – the better for your blog!

P.S. don’t overcosumize your blog.. we love to do in the beginning.. Attract attention with posts..not creative layouts.. Live it for your website if it’s necessary.. It’s a very common mistake to decorate blogs, make them pretty… but blogs are yet blogs.. Almost all famous blogger has plain design of their blogs.. Nothing but their posts attracts followers! Good luck with blogging!


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