Thought of the day

Hey guys.. I’m sorry that I’m not that often with post nowadays. I preparing an event now that will involve lots of bloggers…it will be called festival of bloggers. It’s only 2 days left and I’m working like 12-13 hours daily.. It will be my first festival and I’m worried )..but we’re going to make it at least once per month.

Today I woke up with a thought that..if everything turn out as we’re planning we may do it in any place, any city..any country.. because business today has lots of problems.. people tend to economize, they have lots of choice, competitors, expensive commercials etc… but we’re offering different marketing that’s now the most effective .. for any venue that need promotion, attraction of clients…  e.g. tourist sector.. now people tend to prepare their tours themselfs..they book everything online, thus most tour agencies are experiencing  descrese of sales even during the high season.. As I worked in the sector before I know about it very well.. they pay lots of money for participating in fairs and promotion but sales are dropping and it resulted in reduction of stuff, salaries etc.. Many of tour agencies got bankrupt because they didn’t have good instruments that attract clients and save them. Each company that is interested in tourist may consider bloggers as the best possible promotion for them. When bloggers are united …it’s such a big power..  if you’re interested in such promotion, let me know, Ok? We already cooperating with local agencies and open for any suggestion from abroad.

So..return to the subject ) And I also started to get sick which is sux.. but when I came to the venue today..the venue is’s an old musical theatre with an old stage but it was recently restored..and has now some difficultes, little amount of peopl1e visits them and we coopirating with them to change the situation. and realized that after some time I felt better.. probably if you love your job.. if you’re entusiastic about it… the job may cure you!

I wish all of you to find such a job..If you fall in love with a’ll never “work” the same way as before.


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