Song from Pi

Hey, guys! I was so exited when I found this amazing video! Music of Pi or from Pi… I mean the π number 3,14…. For me it turned out to be a perfect melody... Check it )

It’s saturday today and I had some inpirational mood..)) How did I find the video? Usually we say that “it happened by accident”. But the truth is that nothing happens accidentally. Actually, now I got interested in different kind of signs, letters, numbers.. One of my hobbies is I’m investigating some new field of signs..and the new knowledge helps me to “read” signs from God.. you may call me crazy..but I really start seeing them around and understand most of them.. and thinking..why didn’t I notice them before? People miss so many opportunities and signs each day.. I can see how some guys missed a chance to become a millionair… the life is full of plenitude. And each of you is worths it.. most of us worth much more than we get.. why that happened? maybe because the only obstacle that arizing between you and the plenitude is YOU.. I understood that I may get everything tha I need… And when I realized it, I started to recieve something from the plenitude. You may call it vizualization… Looking back through my life I understand that I missed lots of right “trains”. When I opened that the plenitude is so abondand that all people may live a wonderful life without neglecting, refusing, denying, being negative.. I started thinking positive and only ask for something that I need as if I already have it..and I get it the next few days… most of thing were given free! all the negative just kills lots of great moments.. My saying for today to you all is.. don’t close yourself.. don’t share negative with other people…stop thinking negative. Start to think positively and learn to accept everything that life suggests you.  Love, money, new job position, new buisness, another city, country etc.. be sociable and communicate a lot… And fight with your fears. When you’re afraid of something, in most cases you may recieve something really wonderful if you cope with the fear! I checked it many times and it really worked fantastic.


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