My review about Enrique Iglesias )

Hey, guys! Last month I had one of the happiest days in my life )) I met @enrique305

Decided to share my impressions and the story…so

The day I met Enrique

Ok..decided to add a few words from me about the day I met Enrique lol the next day I sang not his songs (which is strange) but Yesterday by Beatles lol Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..etc.. 🙂

I had a very big day and it was one of the happiest days of my life..still can’t believe it… early In the morning I went to a botanique garden for a business-meeting which ended later than I suggested and I understood that I’m late for the boat trip that was planned with my friends, all were waiting for Tashir Awards, where Enrique was going to perform (we wanted to have a boat ride along the Moscow river around 1 pm till 5pm but I wouldn’t make it in time to the port and was closer to the hotel) so I went to the hotel where Enrique supposed to be staying. When I came I saw a girl who said she saw was the answer to me that he’s really staying there.. I decided to wait there and send sms to my friends  that “I’m waiting here”.. In about 30 minutes  I saw Fernando (his manager).. There were 5 of us by that time including some strange paparazzi )) Fernando was in a good mood and we took a few photos with him.. He said that Enrique was having a rest after the sound-check in the morning.

Well.. if at first there were 5 people in a few hours came more fans and “fans”and the guard of the hotel decided to build a “fence” which was a bad sign for me.. but I decided not to think bad.. always try to think positive.. I decided to try to catch him after the show.. and we went to the Kremlin Palace where the show took place. By the time we all thought that Enrique would be a close act.

The Tashir awards..It was fun because it was mostly in armenian language which I don’t know and could hardly understand something..I just noticed that most girls (THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL) sang heartbreaking ballads and guys.. mostly had songs that start like a ballad and turn into an uptempo one)). The only armenian I knew was Margarita Pozoyan who was in the top-3 finalists of the Russian Voice (I voted for her at the final voting). I was waiting for guests artists  Helene Segara, Patrick Fiori and of course ENRIQUE IGLESIAS …(If you read this I love you one since childhood :) and think nothing can change it )))

I liked Patrick Fiori and Helene performances. Love Notre Dam de Paris’s still one of my favorite one. (But my favorite Esmeralda is Teona Dolnikova ;D, because you may touch the sky when she’s singing, but I respect the golden cast of it a lot! They are all wonderful singers)

After a little break we saw Enrique’s instruments on stage and understood he’s going to perform rignt now.. He performed great…so energetic that armenian people who are also people from the South (very energetic but proud to stand) were amazed and conqueered lol.. We could see the I saw lots of good reviews about Enrique..most of them said that Enrique’s perfomance was the best that night! that was quite deserved..He did it really great!

But it’s not the end.. after he finished singing I understood I couldn’t sit and watch anyone else..and decided to go.. my other friends were hesitate and stayed in the hall..someone wanted to WC other wanted to see someone else… but something told me to go away quickly :D… at first I went to the staff-entrance.. and saw Van Roumaine (his drummer)…he smiled to in about a minute I understood that Enrique may go in there car like in Paris without  shouldn’t go there..and went to the hotel..

When I came there..there were much less fans..but more paparazzi.. Just when I saw Omar Wood (a paparazzi guy, who takes photos only of international celebs…local ones are not so interesting hehe) I knew him from a social net, he is a nice paparazzi.. also a fan of Enrique.. always talked nice things about him.. nice paparazzi is an exception as I understood later ;D) we also saw  Stephen Seagull, who was also very nice with his fans and paparazzi ) he was posing for about 10 minutes and seemed that he didn’t want to go away lol..) After he left I talked with the paparazzi, they were all positive and told that Enrique always interacts with them and fans..never refused in a photo or sign.. so my hope grew up in like million times lol.. ) and asked to take a photo of me just in case..:) so I prayed while we were waiting…I felt a bit strange…not used to such waiting and “stalking” lolll…like..I never waited any man 😀  I heard they talked about Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp and remembered the longest waiting in a cold and the cruest refusal (that was a fun to listen to the paparazzi.. I felt kinda simpathy to them..guys waited in -20 for Brian Adams and he behaved like a Big Star so they’re still pissed ))… in a less than 5 mintues Enrique arrived... At once his car was surrounded by fans, paparazzi and just lucky people who were passing by the hotel at the right time and place )) He was so nice to all of them, he took a photo all of them including me, gave me a hug and told me something like I’m sweet and thanked me for everything..but I don’t remember exactly lol.. was nervous..)) I can’t help but smiling like  an idiot all the time when remembering this…Thanks for such a good time, Enrique.. )) I needed something like this as I’m kinda in rush because of the job and almost have no time for some personal life nowadays… well.I actually may say that my personal life is in close connection with job now..:D which is also new to me..

ah,..girls.. He is so so nice and smelled so good….. I don’t know what smell it was…but I was overwelmed by his charms, calmness and..simplicity…he’s really simple and down-to-earth.. I heard many of you told that but I finally could see that with my own eyes.. :D ..

P.S. the paparazzi who took photo of us still hasn’t sent it to me saying he lost the photos (hardly believe in it(() .. kinda dissapointed in him.. should have given my camera for the historical shot.. but who knew.

Some of my photos )

The meeting )

One girl sent the photos to me.. they’re blurred but..this is a history :D..


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