My Discovering

I had an interesting discovering about my life…or to be more exactly about my previous life. I was talking with a great Reiki Master Elena Pozdeeva and she answered lots of questions that I didn’t expect to be answered.

At first she watched why I’m such an allegric and it turned out that I ofended our Motherland (our Earth) by neglecting it.. I was a monc-pilligrim, like a prophet, who knew lots of things but talked something like It’ll be better over there.  She adviced to be closer to land this time and ask it for forgiveness, cure it (I have a strong power), it’s better to have a garden and live in a house and near the sea..(always dreamt about it).  For the first time I met such a strong Reiki master and she inspired me a lot to cure people as well. I’ll start learning next time she come back from India.

Then she saw that I’m single because for many previous lives I was single..and I was very religious. I neglected love, sex, and the previous life I was very negative about women..that’s why I’m a woman now..

She gave me some homework )). I should learn to accept love and take care more about myself.. Job shouldn’t be first. (but now it’s first..cause need to solve lots of problem, which could be solved only with good incomes =).

She gave me lots of nice recommendations and I really understood a lot.. why do I have this or that difficulties this life.. and how to change it. I wish I met her earlier.

as I don’t have a garden, I bought a flower in a pot, gave it a name and will take care about it ))

BTW, I met her thanks to blogging. Elena also started to write blogs and almost at once she made her site twice more popular ) One the good thing of being a blogger is having lots of interesting contacts and meeting lots of interesting people each day..


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