Hanging out in a bar

Hey guys!

I was hanging out in a bar that is called 37 single men )) as a blogger ) I’ll be short today.. pictures say it all 😀 The place is cute..I didn’t expect it to be that good .. even though it’s called like that.. I didn’t have any adventure lol.. that’s not a place where rich boys and girls waste their money…that’s just a place for usual people..you may meet your neighbour there that’s happened with me lol.. and for those who really love to dance and come to a club to have some rest at the end of the week. I was given some drinks and food from the managment..that was very good.. Couples are also welcome there ) There were a Cuban evening..so we had a free salsa lesson

Ladies, pay your attention on the WC design lol

bar 37 single men






Cuban duet singing famous latin hits


Walls in the woman WC )




Inside of the cabin


37holostyakov_20 ))

Party, Caramu, Fiesta, Forever


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