Fair of food ‘wine,meet & cheese’

Hey guys!Today the sun is shining brightly and I don’t want to sit but enjoy the weather. So won’t say lot for today :D.. Try to be as short as possible 😀

Right after the exhibition of furniture ended, our team of bloggers who worked so well in the exhibition, we decided to go on together in next events (the team now consist of: me, marketologist, director of movies, animator, video-operator, businesswoman-housewife (lol) and a business-trainer). We created more than 200 posts for 3 days including photos and videos..and the reaction was fantastic.

So, next event was Fair of food that’s called Wine, Meet & cheese. Those who thought of this title were either sick or crazy. because it should be called: Tea, chocolate & tacos. The most exclusive taste was..sweet olives, jam made of sweet olives and meet of wild animals (such as elk)

Here are a few photos from the fair. All of the producers of the food on the photos presented below were very nice to bloggers and gave us some presents..So respect to such people.. With hope for a successfull cooperation with them.

Compositions of live flowers (the smell was unreal!!!)

Hand made sweets!

Spanish food. Actually I didn’t know about the store before..and now..I’m their loyal client! They’re situated in the center of Moscow and have lots of my favorite products from Spain. Viva, Espana! Viva, blogging! )

very tasty fish and products made of it by Kourbatov


That was a real exclusive! Sweet olives by Olivetto. Never thought it’s possible and that it could be so delicious and like they say ..very useful!

An American came to Moscow in order to present the most delicious cheese I ever tried) His name is Jay Robert


And finally Talybin’s production. Meet of wild animals

Thanks to organizators of the fair and the new mall ‘Gallery Moscow’  for such a good fair and to the companies that were on the exhibition for their food without E-additions and other chemistry!


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