Amazing shoe store

The fair of food (about which I wrote previously) took place in a new store near the Red Square which is called Gallery Moscow. Wanted to make a separate post about the store I opened there lol.

During the degustation I suddenly situated in a shoe store…lol… It’s like..I walked, walked…and couldn’t go later on because of such beauty 😀 Girls will understand me, because the store was amazing! They had a bar and gave me a free mojito! That was so nice. I made a few photos of it.. The shoes and design of the store is amazing and bright and the price is quite reasonable for such a store, new store, new collection costed about 7000 roubles which is twice cheeper than in the famous brand store next to it..) I also liked the service there. The personelle was nice to anyone who entered there. If there is no your size it’s possible to order it right their via their tablet computers. Very modern and client oriented store and great idea of the bosses of it to include a bar and the planchetes in it.  I’m sure the store will have a good future because this is an example of mash-model business.. when you use a few resources to please yourself and your clients or partners

Well, here are the photos 😉


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