Fair of furniture

Hey, guys! Sorry for not-posting for so long. I had a really tough week but I liked it.

I was working on the exhibition of furniture,  then on a fair of food, sauna and travelled to a new travel point as blogger.

Why did I go to the exhibition. Well I wanted to make an experiement with a team of bloggers of how will react organizators and participants of fairs when lots of people will take shots and videos, interviews etc. It was such a fun.. Not many people in Russia understand what is blogging and that it’s probably the only possible way (nowadays) to promote a business and make it effective.

Some people were negative about it. Like we have our marketing department and don’t need any other promo. Lol..if you don’t need it, why are you on the exhibition and why we don’t know about your company? Well, I didn’t insist as therу were someone much better :)..  I found about 10 new partners who are ready to cooperate with us, bloggers, make events using their possibilities and some cross-marketing promos, like tea-parties or photosessions.. and about 100 of those, who need some clarification and talks but it’s all good)

My top favorites are chairs for massage from Panasonic. .  15 minutes of sitting on it (with massage) may replace 40 minute of hand massage. I tried all of the constructions ) and liked the VIP one.. it was a fantastic massage of all body..I had a low pressure that day and was kinda exhousted but after the massage I felt like I was a newborn person ).

Me,in the chair (lol..the photo is not the best..but the chair costs 10000$ we agreed about going to the office twice per week and shot something about them, make massages for free..so good..)


Also likeв chairs-transformers Fluxx made by Dutch designers. The chairs are so creative, light and colorful. You can put them down and place under your bed or behind some door or another place. what’s good is that when yoг put them all together they look like a creative wall. Perfect for some unusual office, little kitchen, picknicks and bars.


I also loved handmade Clocks (anyone could choose something there for his taste) and also a firm that sells very pretty things for home like pillows, light, vases.. they would make any flat or house look coisy and finished.


But my favorite  was furniture from Pakistan. Wooden mirrors, arm-chairs, tables, accessoirs etc made of red wooв and looks very artistic, because it’ was all hand made. I always loveв wood-craft and other handmade arts.  The employees were very nice to us and wanted to become bloggers too 🙂


I’m now dealling with negotiations and signing of agreements..

so.. dear bloggers, if you want to make some new contacts and quickly, go to an exhibitions. Even if hundred of people will say you No, 101 may sign a contract with you and the contract can make you a USD millionaire.






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