Motivation. do we really need it?

Do we really need motivation to do something? when I hear that “I need motivation to do it” I understand that the person is on some crossroad and uncertain in what he’s doing or in the idea of the job…. But..if you have a desire and want to make it real you won’t say that you need motivation.. e.g.. if you want to go to the WC you won’t say: I can’t go I don’t have time, I think I won’t manage to do it, I won’t make it in time, and what if I fail, I’m too tired to do it…right…..we don’t look for motivation to go and pee..:D.. why do we look for it in other cases? I can’t find another answer but…it’s just our lazyness.. so..when you really want to achieve something… if you look for motivation..  do it yourself..without asking someone else.. why do you need to do it now… if it’s because “to achieve my goal I need to start with the little step”.. if your answer is like’s OK.. if you think different…look for different job or different point of view…or even way of life, change it because this way you won’t achieve your dreams ever…. don’t look for excuses.. work hard on yourself and you will always have some feedback… it’s a law of Cosmos 😉 Good luck

P.S. don’t search for motivation to post… just do it..)


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