Yesterday… all my troubles seems so far away

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday..I had a very big day and it was one of the happiest days of my life..still can’t believe it… In the morning I went to a botanique garden which was awesome and beautiful and met with my friends..we went to Tashir awards in Moscow. It was much fun because it was mostly in armenian language which I don’t know and could hardly understand something..But the award-show was great in total…nice sound, decorations, beautiful voices, even though I couldn’t understand the language, it was evident that all the singers had strong and beautiful voices.. etc..and on top of it Helene Segara, Patrick Fiori and ENRIQUE IGLESIAS …I love the last one since childhood :)))) He performed great…so energetic that armenian people who are also people from the South, very energetic but proud..:D, they were amazed and conqueered lol.. !

I liked Patrick Fiori and Helene too. Love Notre Dam de Paris’s still one of my favorite one. (But my favorite Esmeralda is Teona Dolnikova ;D, because you may touch the sky when she’s singing Vivre)

But it’s not the end.. after the show I met ENRIQUE in person. He was so nice, warm and took a photo with me, gave me a hug and told me that I’m sweet )) I can’t help but smiling like  an idiot all the time…)) I needed something like this..Thanks for such a good time, Enrique..if you ever read this ;D.

He is so so nice and smelled so good….. I don’t know what smell it was…but I was overwelmed by his charms, calmness and..simplicity…he’s simple and down-to-earth.. I heard many people told that but I finally could see that with my own eyes.. :D..

I also saw Stephen Seagull, who was also very nice with his fans and paparazzi..)

Will post pictures soon!


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