Event marketing! How it relates with blogging

Hey, guys!

Today I’d like to talk about my favorite part of blogging activity – events.. but not just events.. but events as marketing strategies.

What is Event Marketing?

There are many definitions for what is event marketing. It can include the promotion and advertising for many different kinds of events like annual meetings, trade shows, fundraisers, sporting events, business forums, flashmobs and many others. The purpose of doing event marketing is to attract people and ask them to attend the event. Sometimes the type of event and planned activities themselves can bring people in with simple communications. Other times people can be enticed by a giveaway or premium item offered for attendance.

Tactics of Event Marketing

The vehicles you choose to communicate the event are driven by the audience. If you identify the types of communication to best reach your audience by, you can begin to develop creative ways to use those to gain an attendance at your event. There are some tactics that are more successful in this space than others. Two tactics that are regularly used are direct mail and email marketing.

Direct Mail can be a very successful tool in reaching a business audience. The goal with this vehicle is making it stand out from other mailings a business person might receive. You can achieve this by designing your mailer in a larger format or in an interesting shape or size. Sometimes using strong imagery can attract attention. One part of this that is very necessary is having a strong call to action.

Email Marketing can be a cost effective way to reach a large amount of business people. You can customize the message to each person in your audience and allow ways to continue communication by sending emails reminders and event information immediately as it becomes available. This is the main benefit of email marketing. It can get to your audience quicker than most other marketing tactics. You can allow it to be shared with others and can direct them right to a website all in one click. You can purchase lists to attract a new audience or use your current database as a mailing list. You can easily measure how many people open and share your email to be able to quickly judge whether it is working or not.

Why I started to talk about it? Because I myself is a head of an event-department here..in Moscow..and I coulnd’t do that much without bloggers.. I work in close connection with bloggers and the more bloggers we have in an event..the more effective the event is…why? it’s natural..because if one blogger attend an event..he may write..well 10 posts..but if 10 bloggers attend it..they will write 100 posts..and each of them will be unique..each of them has different way of thinking.. thus readers will see the event (event is organized for promotion of this or that company or the venue itself) from all possible angles and will take a decision to buy the product (go to the place in case we are talking about a venue)..

If you just started to post blogs and don’t know how to reach some effective goals in blogging..you may start from creating events.. you may do it simply by yourself..because each company that sells something needs to make the trade turnover…most of them have difficulties in it.. and need to encrease it or need new audience.. I recommend to start from offline venues. Check some beautiful and unusual interiour, new cafes and clubs, make a list of different types of venues (beginning with cafe, ending with beauty salons and bowling clubs) You may tell them that thanks to blogging, photo and video-marketing, you may post a very attractive content about them..but you need this or that ..(free entrance, some example of the product, free abonement etc depend on situation)..  just think well about money question.. You may say that you will do posting for free and recieve some % from the companies sales or get some prepaid sums for some quantity of posts per some period..  What’s next..after you confirmed with companies that you will visit them as blogger, plan your month in such a way that each day you will have an activity on the territory of the company to shot lots of content.

It’s good that we have Youtube, becouse it make possible to upload videos at once..Next time I’ll talk about video-marketing. Also a vital thing for a successful blogging. You will know what opportunities can bring you this life if you shot and share 40 videos per hour, each of them with a good message and sense.

P.S. if you have some business and are interested in Russian market, leave me your contacts below, I’ll send you our commercial offer.


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