How to write a project

Hello, dear readers )

Today I want to talk about projects and how the knowledge of writing projects may help you in your life to fullfill your plans, goals and dreams very quickly

In Russia we don’t learn how to write projects in schools..unlike the US and most countries of the European Union. And this is bad, I now even think that maybe it is a main reason that my country doesn’t live but survive (in majority)… If you never have written a project this post is for you.

I didn’t learn how to write projects even in the institute.. I guess only those who graduated some kind of business or managment faculties may be aware of this. And that’s why these students will have an effective business and money. Before I started to work in the SMM sphear (blogging, event-marketing, social net marketing etc) I also never wrote a project.. but I had lots of ideas.. I’m a very creative person… I may fall into inspiration each day (and night) 😀

but If I’m so creative and good..why I can’t afford myself to travel to Miami twice per year?

Right when I asked myself the question I found the job I have now.. here each idea should be presented as a project for our bosses..they either approve it or deny it or put some corrections, or  call for a meeting “brain storming” to find a best way how to make it happen.. At first I didn’t know how to do it and was misunderstood very often. I read different articles and books but they still didn’t help me, because my sphear is kinda new and I’m not a sientist or an architect..neither a businesswoman..and most of articles told about such projects that could earn some big grants on the goverment level.. but..I learned it.. I started  to practice on little “projectitos” and in result now.. only after 3 months of work I could release such ideas that  could sound like crazyness before..  last week I won a contest for New York! That was unexpected..but then I thought.that for the first time I wrote a project of my work  for the contest…and followed the plan to make it.. is the result..Now I’m waiting the US visa (cross your fingers for me, pls)..) that means that If you know how to write a project then any product (phisical or intellectual) that you’re going to do will be successful!

Why I began to earn money? what changed?  because I learned how to write a project I now have a systematic method in creating.. only in this case you have some system, you will have a success. I can put a message in my creations and those who need it..whom  they will be address to, they will “reply”.. thus creations have feedback..  Before this I just create…when had time..and never had a plan..and I thought that making plan is dull and will kill the process.. but no.. it will only make it more exciting!

SO..Here are my points about How to write a project that you may apply to anything.

Not only some creations, but also some plans

1. Write down a short description of your idea, maybe even begin from the title

2. Write it’s goals and for whom is your project

3. Write tasks that it will solve

4. What things you need to make it real?

5. Write how you’re going to fullfill your tasks: you may put all your creativity here and write a script or you will make it.. imagine your ideas as if released or better releasing right now..

6. How much money should you spend

7. Who else will participate  (team method)

8. What will happen if your project will be released? What will be your actions after you make it

9. What will you do if your project won’t be released? (approved?)

10. How much time will it take you to realize the project (always put some time period..some deadline )

11. What may prevent you from fullfilling it? How to avoid it?

12. What do you wish to recieve (have) in results? (how much money will it make or what effect will it bring, what will change?)

Before taking big projects, start with something  simple. You may practice even on cooking recepts like I did. Write them on a simple A4 page. Imagine you need to cook sushi. For whom are you going to make them, why sushi? what products you need to cook them, where will you buy them? whom ask for help (if it’s needed)? how much should you pay for them, what’s a process of cooking them, after they’re ready, how will you serve them.. what reaction will be after them,? If your guests won’t like them will you prepare them again or will be eating them only in the restaurants? etc))

After cooking..try to write a project of changing your style… of your birthday celebration etc…  after you write a lot of simple projects.. you may take more difficult something you want to apply in your job and need some agreement from the boss or collegues.. repairment project for example is also not so simple..but if you learn to write simple ones, you will find out that the repairment is not such a scary and long things….  when you have a good project…you can go to anyone whom you need and they will listen and some of the people..will agree to help in realization.

Hope that this post will be useful ). good luck!


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