Quest Game

What is Quest and why I became interested in the organization that hold such games

Hello, everyone who read it )! Recently I played a quest game. It was my first experience is such a psycological game. It turned out that it’s as very good  timbuilding method) Here is my little review about .

Our life is a Game

Not long ago I bacame a participant of a quest game, the subject of which was “Secrets of Venice”. Tha game was organized by the collective I like the game and the organizators as it’s  very creative and friendly collective. I played there as a blogger so it was a free pleasure for me but for the rest the price for such a game varies from 15 to 57USD depending on the subject, date, number of players and other things 😉

Before the game starts nobody knows about the plot, tasks and roles.  You recieve everything in an envelope and each time the host announce about some situation that happened not long ago.. from this moment you’re  acting in a detective story and even can be killed,. The main secret of such games is to determine who is who…who is your friend..who is an enemy..who’s lieing, who telling the truth.. The only way to find it out is to cooperate, communicate with each of the players and achieve the tasks that your character need to fulfill during the game.

In the envelope you have something that may help you in your game..some money, some boxes, some wonderful pills …it can be anything that might be important for you or somebody else during the game. The game lasted for 2 or 3 hours but they run so fast that I didn’t notice when it’s all over ;D.. Right before the end I was killed I was so stupid to tell the guy my opinion about whom I’m think is BAD ..that was my mistake.. if you ever play the game.. think twice before saying something like this.. :D..

After playing the Quest I understood that it’s one of the best presents that I can give to almost any person..beginning with an old school friend ending with a rich mogul.. Why?  During the game our brains work so actively… I loved the feeling.. .I remembered all books, movies, stories because I had to think something and plan my actions…plan my steps to fullfill my tasks..  That descover me from another side. That shows another person’s abilities and qualities.. about some of them you’d never know because they only appear during stress..

You have to think something quiclky about what to say, how to act, how to move, how to use this or that thing, who to say what…who can be dangerous.. who can be useful.. You even decide some political or economic issues. E.g. someone may offer you to take part in a business and you should think of procent of your income that will satisfy you and the other party..i.e it’s not only like Mafia game..where you should find out who is Mafia who is not. In Quests you perform many actions and much more resourses should be used.

Each game usually ends unpredictable. Because you never will know how one person may imagine his caracter, to love it, support his actions and one person may completly change the process of the events.

In China such psycological games are used to …remove from the addiction to internet and games.


What I loved in the organization is  how well was scripted each role of the game. Because of this it turned out that playing it was not so difficult as I had thought Thus, each person may play it..even those who never played anything like this before.


The script for each carachter is written is such a way so that the person who’s acting could totally change and achieve the aims settled using his comminicative skills, intellect and other abilities. The instructions were tested and experienced for many times so that any person was able to understand and follow them.

The organizators also have another subjects of games. Each of them was thouroughly written and played many times but they are still favorite for the fans of quests. For examplee, Silver Age, Shadow of Pharaoh, Kiss of the vampire, Escape via  the Atlanics, Wild wild East and others.

They may organize a game as for 8 persons so as for 40 persons.



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