My tango experience

Would like to tell you about my experience of dancing tango.

I went to my first ever tango lesson thanks to my blogging activity ). The school is called Planetango and is situated in a cute area of Moscow – Khokhlovsky pereulok.

The school is an awesome place! Stylish interiour, mixture of old and modern things, decorations. Purple tissues, black and white photos of some tango dancers on the wall, cute tables and chairs… everything is cute and stylish. There are severall halls, changing room, a cafe and even a store of dance cloths and shoes..

But I came there to dance.. Wanted to try tango for a long time and it happened.

It turned out I’m not so bad :D. But my most important impression is how tango helps to improve mutual understanding and cooperation. It’s unbelievable.. such dance like tango may solve so many problems of most couples, teams, colleagues who can’t both listen and hear, who need to find compromises, learn to control themselves etc.

The methods that we are learning on trainings of teambuilding and trying to apply in our collective are not so effective as dancing tango.

It relates not only to loving couples, but to all humans, who need to learn to work in team in such a comfortable way for both parties..who should lead..and who should follow.. if you quickly determine this before doing something in some team, your team is going to succeed. And if you’re following someone it doesn’t mean you’re underestimated. You both move harmonical and make a beautiful product when move together. If someone make a mistake, the team will fail..not you..not him. the team. So if the product is important for you, be flexible and understanding for your partner. The same goes for relationships. The dance also develops a selfcontrol. Don’t “look around”, concentrate on your partner, feel yourself and feel your partner. If you will look around, won’t be attentive, you will make a mistake and you may step on his feet. If you think about something different, you will also make a mistake and won’t move in time..  only if you’re 100% concentrated on your partner, your body and the process of dance, only then it wil be beautiful and flowless.

As each dance tango also helps to improve your walk, you back will be straight and you’ll be much more active and flexible. And also.. the dance makes a man MAN and a woman WOMAN..

Here are my thoughts for today. Stay tune 😉

Some photos from the dance studio Planetango


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