About me

Hey, guys! My name is Katya and I live in Russia, Moscow. My nickname is Katyarules.

I already have a few blogs, about which I’ll write later and now decided to create a new one – in English. It’s an experiment for me and something tells me that it will be succesfull as another one.

I’m working in a cool, innovating start-up SMM project  ZetMoney as an event-marketologist in Russia. We help different kind of partners to obtain more clients and increase their profits via: blogs, video-marketing, event-marketing, SMM etc. 3 months ago started to write blogs as a professional blogger, i.e. blogs that brings me some income when customers purchasing goods or services about which I  write. I write about cafes and restaurants,  trainings and cool psycological games, soccer and dances, music and films, fashion and culture and just my opinions about some subject.. and of course events that I visited. Each day I have an event which I attend with my bloggers. They also love it..Of course..they have free fitness abonement, today they sing karaoke tomorrow ill dance hustle..also free…. They record everything, shot videos and pictures and creates cool and true content about each event.. of course people who read them trust in what they write and ..  It’s like I’m living to the fullest and enjoying it + recieving money from your activity..

Before this job I did it just for fun..like do many others bloggers.. They have lots of  followers but they don’t have income..Well. At least in Russia..where some people doesn’t understand such a word as BLOG.. Like I said I also wrote a blog ..wrote reviews and about my life.. but I didn’t know that blogging can bring money and lots of money..much more money than if to work as sales manager.. And it turned out that working as blogger is like living an interesting life, recieve presents, new products before they release in common market, attend interesting events and attract loyal costumers to their blogs.  Now I learned all the force of blogging and really believe that it’s a dream job for many people.

I love music, art, travelling, meeting new people, organizing events and lots of other things. I will write about everything I love and about my interesting live. Hope you will like my posts.

Welcome!  and see you soon!



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